Projects and synergy efforts

A successful Digital ID pilot will lead to a state-wide, federated identity service where all online state services can be accessed through a single service. The long-term solution will also interoperate with mobile driver’s license processes for identity proofing as well as additional use cases to digitize other licensure and permitting applications.

Pilot expansion

  • October 2023: Transit Discount Sacramento Regional Transit
  • October 2023: Transit Discount Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transportation District
  • Date TBD: CARB Green Energy Rebates

Publish Policies, Standards, & Requirements

  • September 2023: Identity Gateway Integration
  • September 2023: Digital Credentials
  • September 2023: Digital Wallets

Eligibility Verification APIs

  • September 2023: Veteran eligibility status
  • December 2023: CalFresh eligibility status

Mobile Driver’s License (mDL)

  • December 2023: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for the mDL project which will introduce the capability to convert the state’s most prevalent physical identification card into a digital credential enabling secure access and authentication for online use. Residents will be able to store a valid, government-issued driver’s license on the mobile device of their choosing.

Identity Provider integrations

  • September 2023: IAL2 (identity proofing) self-certification and readiness
  • March 2024: DMV verification integration option via Identity Gateway