The short-term efforts within the Digital ID pilot will implement this foundation at a smaller scale to prove interoperability between multiple state entities' SSO solutions with enhanced privacy, security, accessibility, and operational efficiency.

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California Identity Gateway

Implemented to support state and local agencies in providing equitable, inclusive, secure, and easy-to-access government services. It does so by enabling them to verify user attributes while protecting user privacy. The California Identity Gateway ensures that the information flows are secure, and that no one stores more personally identifiable information than is strictly necessary.

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Statewide Online Digital Identification Pilot

Demonstrates single sign-on (aka SSO), privacy and fraud controls in a centralized and interoperable system, built on the California Identity Gateway, and accessible from several distinct agencies. This is an opt-in service provided to residents.

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Identity Verification integrations

The California Identity Gateway supports multiple Identity Providers (IdPs) as appropriate to each agency’s needs. CDT’s initial integration is with, a service of the Federal Government’s General Services Administration. This work is complete and fully operational.

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Eligibility Verification APIs

  • Age-related benefits
  • Transportation benefits program